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So, here you are with your trade show exhibit all set up at the corporate offices. It looks great! You will have spent thousands, possibly tens of thousands of dollars in development and execution. Now you will take it to a trade show. Suddenly, your exhibit is right there with all your competition surrounding you in a sea of show exhibits selling the same products as you are to the same dealers. How are you going to stand out above the crowd? Your products may be superior to those of the competition, but how are you going to get the attention of the potential customers if you don't find a way to hook them in? Will you be remembered when the trade show is over or will you be lost in all of the literature in their bag?


Don't be lost in the crowd, rise above the crowd!
Don't be forgotten when they leave, be remembered!


Many trade show entertainers are just that - entertainers. There is nothing wrong with that, but wouldn't it be much better if those entertainers could also present the company message, whether it be sales oriented or informational? I bet the answer is "yes", but where can you find an entertainer who also understands business, public relations, marketing, and sales? Now it's not such an easy search, is it?


Your search is over!


Gary Brodeur brings 40 years of experience in direct sales, advertising, public relations, marketing, and entertainment to your next trade show exhibit. Gary knows why he's there. He is very aware that his primary goal is not to show off what a great entertainer he is, but to present your company's message or products in an entertaining way.

Gary will work directly with your sales and marketing departments to develop a program that will not only deliver the company message but also do it in and entertaining and memorable way. He can do this with any one of his stock of characters or a custom character can be built specifically for your company.




If you have a dinner meeting one night with dealers, your after dinner entertainment is already taken care of. Gary Brodeur will deliver laughs with the warmth of the seasoned veteran he is. Gary is a sure promise of entertainment from stand-up comedy, to audience participation, to the characters he brings to life right before your eyes.

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