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Gary & Rusty's Travelling Machine

Producer, director, writer and host of a 30 minute children's educational television pilot, shot entirely on location throughout New England. The program had a complete staff of health, animal and educational experts as technical consultants.

An Enchanted Evening with Margo Rose

Producer, director, writer and host of a 60 minute television documentary about Rufus and Margo Rose. Rufus and Margo Rose were puppeteers and puppet builders for the Howdy Doody Show and well respected puppeteers around the world. Guests for this program included Margo Rose, Frank Ballard, Jim Henson and the Howdy Doody marionettes.

Child Abuse Public Service Announcements

Producer, director, writer and on-camera talent for a series of public service announcements to combat child abuse. Produced for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Gary, Rusty and Zacery were regulars on the television show "Odyssey" during the 1978-1979 season. The show was cited by Action for Children's Television (ACT) for "a significant contribution toward improving children's television".

Commercial Work

The whole crew; Gary, Rusty, Zacery, Agnes and Maxwell have all been used through the years for various television commercials. to view photos from a television commercial shoot...

Recent Television Appearance

Rusty recently made a guest appearance on a new program entitled, "Rise". We are not sure why or how he was able to do this on his own. Could he be looking for a solo carreer? 

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