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Gary Brodeur's experience in sales will really shine through when he works for you at your next trade show. His background in the entertainment field is one thing and the uniqueness of his talent as a ventriloquist is another. Together, those talents and years of experience in direct, on-the-road sales give you an unbeatable combination!

Enhance your trade show investment with one of Gary's attention-getting, informative and memorable presentations. Gary can significantly increase exhibit traffic while delivering important sales messages and improving product and company name recognition.

Brodeur & Daniels will more than customize the presentation for your 
company at a trade show, we will customize the character itself. We make avaliable to you the use of any or all of our characters for your presentation. We also have the ability to take any character or human and turn them into a puppet exclusively for your company's use.

Here's one example where we developed a cartoon rabbit of the Razcal Corporation company logo from their soft drink can. We called the rabbit Razcal after the company name.

After the cartoon version was approved, we took the next step and turned it into a three-dimensional performing character that could actually sell its own product at trade shows. In addition, the character could 
be used in television commercials and it could do corporate presentations, both on video and "live" in person.

Razcal ultimately used the character in television commercials as a puppet. In addition, Gary worked with the character on stage for mall and fair & festival performances.

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